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Starboard view of the Mobquet, showing its three sections connected by thin spars at the top: the rear and middle cube-shaped sections, and the bridge section at the front, which morphs from an ovular cylinder on the port side to two circular cylinders on the starboard side. Two small engines poke out from the underside of the rear section.

"Mobquet Transport" (2009)

(from "Star Wars")

This Star Wars ship was technically the second ship completed in my "new wave" of hyper-detailed paper models. Unfortunately, while moving, I stored it someplace so safe that I haven't been able to find it. Thankfully I had a nice photo shoot with it first.

I expect it will turn up again eventually.

Four views. Clockwise from upper left: Portside view of the mobquet. Starboard aft three-quarters view. Top view. Front three-quarters view.

The model is complete! All of the fine detail has been added. This was the first model I constructed with a convenient mounting point built-in (fitted in these photos with a small acrylic dowel).