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Unfinished modular spaceship with many hydraulic struts used to raise and lower landing ramps.

"AT-AT Landing Barge"

(from "Star Wars")

In Progress

Updated: September 3rd, 2012

This is a model of a carrier designed to transport six Imperial Walkers to the surface of a planet, which appeared in one panel of a Star Wars comic book. I loved the design, but it was partly obscured by word bubbles.

I wanted to extrapolate the rest of the design, build a model of it and figure out how it would work, and whether it could actually fit through the hangar bay doors of a Star Destroyer, from which it was depicted launching.

The craft as depicted clearly had many, many points of articulation, and may have been stored in several large pieces before being assembled in space and the AT-ATs loaded. So I used the model as an exercise in creating moving parts in paper. The model (so far) has 46 points of articulation, including hinges and telescoping pistons (some double-telescoping).

This is not to scale with many of the other models in this gallery.

Four views of various moving parts of the paper model, with disembarkation ramps extending in stages.

Found the model and dug it out of storage. The rear module has been added, as well as the top middle section. The forwardmost section, containing the cockpit, is still missing.

February 25th, 2009

Top view of the midsection, which is largely complete, but lacks detail. The clamshell-shaped loading module at the rear has not yet been built.

The first major progress on the carrier. After this I got busy with other models for a while and tabled this project until fairly recently.