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3 detail images from "Wander: Part 2". Cick on the image below to see the full-size piece.

Johnny continues through a decaying urban landscape that grows progressively stranger. Strange creatures are barely glimpsed in abandoned warehouses. Johnny finds an organism called a 'living waterskin' and recieves 10 HP, 2 IP and 50 XP for picking it up. Shortly afterwards, he is set attacked by a large, dark, wormlike creature.  Johnny's feline guide, who is sitting on his hat, responds with a hairball attack, distracting the creature so Johnny can make his escape. Johnny jumps onto a floating creature resembling driftwood. The creature flies into a cave, where a waterfall feeds a subterranean stream. As the creature dives over the edge of the waterfall, Johnny and the cat tumble into the depths. The completion screen reads, HP: 1/16. IP: 7. $16.47. XP: 250.

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"Wander: Level 2" (2013)

pixel art

100 x 2000 pixels

In "Wander: Level 2," our protagonist Johnny continues his journey at the insistence of his guide, an orange tabby cat. But strange creatures lurk, ready to attack unsuspecting passers-by. When Johnny leaps aboard a floating creature, where will it take him? Will he survive with only one hit point remaining?