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3 detail images from "Wander: Part 1". Cick on the image below to see the full-size piece.

Johnny, a young man wearing a red hat and red sneakers, carries a cup of coffee through an urban landscape. An orange tabby cat begins to follow him. As strange creatures begin to appear in the shadows, the cat jumps onto Johnny's head and he drops his coffee. Johnny presses on, passing burrito stands, guitar shops, two yin-yanged VW beetles, and more tentacled creatures lurking behind power poles and furniture stores. Johnny decides it's time to turn back. The cat seems to disagree with his decision, and attacks Johnny's face, knocking him over. Reluctantly, Johnny continues to level 2. The completion screen reads, HP: 6. IP: 1. $16.47. XP: 100.

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"Wander: Level 1" (2013)

pixel art

100 x 2000 pixels

In "Wander: Level 1," our protagonist Johnny is going for a walk when an orange tabby decides to befriend him. When strange creatures start to appear at the corners of his vision, Johnny thinks it may be time to return home. The cat insists that he press onward...